Dedicated to Client Trust Since 1926.


Established in New York City in 1926, Nova is one of the premier privately-held General Contracting firms within the New York Metropolitan construction industry, specializing in helping its Clients achieve their visions with each and every project. Armed with a family-owned foundation and a passion for construction, Nova is dedicated to its Clients by ensuring their projects are delivered safely, on time and on budget. 
Embedded in the foundation of Nova Interiors is the importance placed on the caliber of people we employ. The industry relationships formed and cultivated by our team members allows a focused energy to be concentrated on the New York City Interiors Market. We have a group of committed professionals who have honed their skills in construction management over the last 15 years. This group is confident in proving to be a valuable component to every project while closing each one out successfully.


Whether in the corporate interiors, retail, hospitality or building infrastructure sectors, our people understand how these projects need to be run from conception to close out. We believe the key element, reaching beyond success, is earning and maintaining the assurance and trust of clientele. We are an extension of our clients and begin each day with that mindset. The symbiotic and mutually respected nature of our client relationships ensures our success is directly correlated to theirs and that our accountability is held strong.


We strive every day to understand what the demands and needs are, so we can best execute each Client’s vision.


A company is nothing more than a collection of people.

We believe our people are some of the industry's finest and our most important asset.

We'd like you to meet them.







“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”

~ Albert Einstein



HEADQUARTERS: 1 Main St, Nyack, NY 10960

NYC: 261 Madison Avenue, 9th Fl, New York, NY 10016


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Nova’s Project Management, Estimating and Scheduling Teams have been intimately involved in Pre-Construction planning, budgeting and logistics activities for countless construction projects, spanning from a few hundred square feet to over 300,000 square feet. In each of these cases, NOVA employs a project-tested method that offers its Clients a wealth of experience and constructability input, prior to the start of the Construction Phase. These initial services are made up of the following key directives:NOVA approaches each project with the mindset of working with the Client, the design team, the Owner’s vendors and our subcontractors toward the same common goal – a safe and successful on-time delivery of the project. 


  • Project Budgeting & Estimating

  • Project Scheduling

  • Design Consultant Coordination

  • Subcontractor Bidding & Leveling

  • Value Engineering

In the critical Pre-Construction period, NOVA approaches each project with the mindset of working with the Client, the design team, the Owner’s vendors and our subcontractors toward the same common goal – a safe and successful project, delivered on time and on budget.


At its core, Nova is a General Contractor. Assembling a team of expert project management and site supervision representatives to carry out individual project missions for our Customer base is our absolute most principal product. This functional offering fundamentally exists within all project types and sizes around the world. Our team focuses exclusively on providing this trusted role to the industry, yielding a specialized focus and a refined level of expertise.


Nova’s  internal approach and methodology also not only reduces cost, but significantly improves delivery times and speed-to-market. Although Nova has worn many hats in the construction world, its core services are built upon the following offerings:


  • General Contracting Services

  • Construction Management Services

  • Job Site Management

  • Quality & Cost Control

  • Owner's Representative Services

  • Complete Cost Management


In each and every project, Nova works hand in hand with the Client throughout the project development process to ensure the overall objective is met while managing the trades, driving the schedule and protecting the budget’s bottom line.



Nova provides world-class construction consulting services to its Clients through insightful and experience-based intelligence. Customers gain a wealth of value through Nova’s track record of over nine decades and hundreds of thousands of square feet of lessons learned. This can be provided to our Clients prior to construction as well as within the project lifecycle in the following basic categories:


  • Owner's Representation Consulting

  • Site Assessment & Due Diligence

  • Design Development & Basis of Design Consulting

  • Market Research Consulting

  • Facility Evaluation Consulting


In this capacity, Nova operates as an extension of our Clients' workforce, armed with an acute understanding of construction standards and local requirements. This allows the Client to stay active in the construction process while gaining the advantage of having Nova on their side.

  • BASF - Rockaway Township, NJ 

100,000 SQFT Renovation for New Information Technology Headquarters


  • Herald Sq Properties – 885 3rd Ave, 17th Fl

19,270 SQFT Tenant Fit-Out


  • 711 3rd Ave – 16th & 17th Floors

30,000 SQFT Renovation for Law Firm


  • 10 East 53rd Street

Building Arcade/ Lobby/ Plaza, Infrastructure Upgrade


  • 420 Lexington – SL Green Realty

Executive Conference Center, Offices, Operations & Office Reorganization


  • 261 Madison Avenue - Aftra H&R

30,000 SQFT Renovation of NYC Headquarters


  • 100 Church Street

Various NYC Gov’t offices across 4 Floors, 100,000+ SQFT


  • 292 Madison Ave

Façade Replacement & Retail Storefront Installation


  • Robert Half International

125 Park, 30,000 SQFT Refit for NYC Headquarters


  • Main Lobby Renovations:

    • 333 West 34th Street

    • 1350 Avenue of the Americas

    • 100 Church Street

    • 810 7th Avenue

    • 711 3rd Avenue

    • 485 Lexington Ave

    • 750 3rd Avenue

    • 234 West 39th Street

    • 142 West 36th Street

    • Tower 56.


"A satisfied Customer is the best business strategy of all." 

- Michael LaBoeuf

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